You know, when you’re in love
And your love leaves you
And you’ve got nobody in here.
The lonely hours over here,
Sitting home and thinking, you’re seeing a

Distant lover, lover, lover,
Uh, uh, so many miles away
Heaven knows that I long for you, sugar
Every night, every night sometimes I even earn to the day
Distant lover (lover, lover, lover)
When you think about me, do you say a prayer for him?
Please, oh, please, do you thing about me sometimes?
Yeah, yeah, do you think about me, baby, and the misery, baby?
Uh, baby, and happiness
And the joy for supper, let’s be together
Promise we’ve.... sugar
For a day you could...
Uh, they know, never said he
Everything seems to explode
As I gaze out my window
Down, a lonesome road
Distant lover (lover, lover, lover)!
Sugar, how could you treat my heart so mean and cruel
Every moment that I spent with you, sugar
Said I treasured it baby, like it was a precious jewel.
They .. everything seems to explode
As I gaze out my window down, lonesome one!
Distant lover!
Uh, take me, there is something I wanna say, oh
Do you wanna hear me scream?
Please, come back baby!
Would you please come home?
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Distant Lover Lyrics

CJ Hilton – Distant Lover Lyrics

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