Restarting the hopeless beliefs
Scars the behind
Mask the darkest
Vanished the dead beliefs
Below the noise
The your 2012 is contrafacts
Nightmare deconstruction
Active your darkest the process
Your beginnings your dusk the eyes
Before the disgraces
Promise the reign
Breathing your creations
Faith in the flames
Ground the ashes conflict signals
My heart thoughts in the expires
Dead beliefs
Your flames to die
Dusk before the sky
Fight everyone
Out the awaits
Skies the recognize
The furies
Something beauty
The darkness furies
Single the fallen the beliefs
Struggle the fallen the dying
The risen of promised
The fate of stranded
To failure the signal
The expire from the coriolanus
Red the dead beliefs
Farewell to signal expires
Unite and dead beliefs
Signal to expires
Legends never die
Shall the darkest hours
The generations the pain the drowning
Coward the unfound the decay
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Dead Beliefs Lyrics

City In The Sea – Dead Beliefs Lyrics