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Duck Confit Lyrics

Citizen Cope – Duck Confit Lyrics

Duck Confit
On the path of the direction of the divine
You'll find
Vines of women and wine
In search of the gentle and kind
You can get fooled by the root of the mind
Where your strengths lead you
To great lakes of weakness
Where with tyrants you wash your hands
That they stole from the band of chieftains
Where admirers turn guns for hire
They shrug as you become victims of friendly fire
To take a look at all these thieves and liars
And ask is this what for the world was truly desired
Just who broke in the wax museum
And gave these fakes a stage at the Colosseum
They won't melt under the Hollywood lights
The West Texas Summer sun
Where the pastor is plastic on the podium
Where he smiles with his mouth and not with his eyes
Where you know deep down inside
That something's not right
Like a man killing the mother of his son
Cleaning his shotgun
I can't kill the truth of the elephant in the room
I can't hush the thought cause they sing like a convicts gloom
Where everybody knows but nobody is talkin'
Where crimes of humanity are concealed and condoned
By self preservation and biblical prophecy
Cause it ain't cool to be you over here
Or over yonder
Currency is a commodity
You pay dearly for your honesty
If the truth sets you free
There's a mute with the key
And the goose that laid the golden egg
Got cooked for the grease
Duck Confit
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