On the wings of imperceptible creatures
I'm dwelling through a myriad of stars,
Innumerable dreams are weaved as one,
No destination, an arcane illusion

With a supernatural elegance,
Oscillating through future times to come,
Hold in the horrible jaws of deformity
All I see goes beyond my receptivity,

Heavens are swallowed by the darkness of night,
Another world now opens wide,
Is this real, an arcane illusion
A dim fantasy, which leads to confusion?

Synthetic illusions of dimensions unknown,
Gaze in a cosmic world, which has never shown
It's all-embracing maze of evolution
Abducting the human comprehension

I've seen the future and the past,
The withering beauty for those who last,
Remaining silent in perished oblivion
A phantom-view, illusion or just a horrible conclusion?
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Arcane Illusion Lyrics

Cirith Gorgor – Arcane Illusion Lyrics