Sheep clones silicone titties phone s** test tube
Abortion birth control eat it up never full
Overdose on cold medicine when you are feeling sick
Opposites attract bullshit it's all the same
Everyone judges me before they know my name
Supermodel snobs and the anorexic bitches
Only spread their legs for the ones with the riches

I don't give a shit what you fucking think of me
None of you mean a goddamn thing to me
This is the product of an absent god
Too many people just stringing along
Time to separate myself from the idiots
And you can send me straight to hell

Go fuck yourself worthless asshole

Corporate fucks you're living a lie
Other people's money trapped in your eyes
Take a step off the edge
That fucking tie around your neck
Is like a leash that keeps you weak
As you're dragged upon your knees
Everyone wants to be perfect
Everyone's a fucking whore for money
Force the bullshit you believe
Stuff your plastic messiah under a murdered tree
I don't need a reason to be pissed off anymore
I built myself up just to fall on the floor
I fucked up everything but I don't fucking care anymore
Fuck it all fuck you all
This plastic society this backwards morality
Everyone's an enemy everyone's my enemy
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Plastic Messiah Lyrics

Circus Of Dead Squirrels – Plastic Messiah Lyrics

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