Life is cheap if you got no cash
You can pay lay away
Let that money be your game
Sure you want to play.
Borrow against what you don't have
Pay it down to pay it back
Take a chance to break away
Feel the whip 'cross your back.
"Tote that barge and lift that bail,"
What they cried long ago
Fifty large to ride that rail
Well, that's just how it goes.

Earthworm thrives on the dirt
He is legion with no man's friend
Bad boys from New Orleans.

Bought a small tank and hit the road
Feel the heat, breath the dust
Scratch your name at the barrel's end
Never know who to trust.
Uptown, Downtown, know your place
Could be a heavy fine
Make sure no one sees your face as
You sneak across the line.
Try to look as though you belong
Don't look straight in the eyes
Keep your head down and do not smile
Boy, don't you ever cry.

Earthworm thrives on the dirt
Meets a man at the riverbed
Bad boys, they're from East L. A.

Players strive to make their mark
With the money they make.
Hoping they don't cross a narc
Or a foe on the take.
They don't care who they hurt
Or who has to die.
If they're 'round just be alert
Ain't no reason why.

Does the Devil guide their sin?
Does he plan from below?
Or is the evil within the man?
Greed and lust make it grow.
Make your money off other's pain
Keep the poor people high.
When their misery is your gain,
Don't you stop 'n' wonder why.

Like a cancer the sickness grows
Money keeps it alive.
How many dead? God only knows,
And kids believe the lie.
How high will the bodies pile?
How many moms will bury sons?
We turn away all the while
Feeling nothing to be done.

Earthworm thrives on the dirt
He has no future on the wheel
Bad boys from Birmingham.
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Earthworm Lyrics

Circle – Earthworm Lyrics