You taught us how to hate, now take our hearts apart
This is the way of the ancient,
Blood sacrifice
Tear out your heart lay it down upon the alter
Repeating sins of culture,
They sing songs of violence.
Look at them now they have stolen the truth,
Look at us now forever enslaved
You taught us how to hate now take our hearts apart!
Pay in Blood!
Now Play in Blood!
This is way of the winds,
This is the price of truth
Now open my chest, but don't stitch the wounds
So look at them now and know this world is not yours
This is the way that it ends; the price of truth!
I'll pay in blood to end this. (This is how it ends)
I found my own way to love.
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Scour The Sharpside Lyrics

Circle Of Contempt – Scour The Sharpside Lyrics

Songwriters: Risto-Matti Toivonen, Riku Haavisto
Scour The Sharpside lyrics © TIGRIS MUSIC - REF

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