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Fever Dreams Lyrics

Circa Survive – Fever Dreams Lyrics

from album: Blue Sky Noise (2010)
Sinking into my awareness
Realizing what's been done
I've taken a life and mine for granted
Neither planned or in passion
Riddled with guilt and crazy panic
My body tells my mind to run
Into the forest towards the mother
Though I've destroyed her favorite son

All the things I should have done,
All the things I should have done

Execution style in the courtyard
Where everyone awake can witness
The cowardly shot into the temple
All because I lost my temper
Burn the evidence, flee the scene
Always keep those fingers clean
Devil eyes stare into mine
They say there is no place I can hide

Now I must compare the consequence
End my life or just confess
I won't last a minute in confinement
Either way I'm going to hell

All the things I should've done
Oh, oh, oh
All the things I should have done
Oh, oh, oh
Either way I'm going to hell
Either way I'm going to hell

All my life
Before my eyes
All the time
I was awake

You were alive and just arriving
I couldn't see your eyes
All that is love is ever lasting
I didn't realize

I was awake
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Songwriters: TYLER LEE BATES
Fever Dreams lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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