Lost and found, spinning round, life is a circle
Never ending, never through, where you going to
Love and life, pain and strife, nobody said it'd be perfect
But we're only passing thru, I'll be seeing you
Cause I know, only the best is yet to come
When life on earth is done

It's gonna be heaven, much to our surprise
Nothing like you've imagined
Well, it's gonna be fine
It's gonna be heaven, words just can't describe
I know you're gonna want to be there
Well, it's gonna be divine

Make it quick, win the trick, never ask questions
Nothing ventured, nothing lost, keep your fingers crossed
Save a dime, spend your time, buy yourself some affection
When your days on earth are through, what's it gotten you
But I know, Jesus can change our destiny
For all who will believe

I'm on my way
Til then living is Christ, dyin' is gain, heaven will be my gain
So many buy the lie that this is all life's about
But I refuse to lose forever on their account
By Jesus we find the paradise... there's no doubt it's heaven
I will be there, don't you see there's gotta be more than
What it seems to you, won't you be there too
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It's Gonna Be Heaven Lyrics

Cindy Morgan – It's Gonna Be Heaven Lyrics