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Fake Lyrics

Cinder – Fake Lyrics

V1) I wish the radio wouldn't play all these shit songs every day.

I've had enough of all these pretty boys and crap pretentious noise, they're record company toys.

I'm getting sick of the same predictable chart each week the whole thing's made up by kids.

It means that there's no room left for the real bands and they get no airplay do you understand.

B) The same song again.

You sing along again.

It's in your head again.

I never want to be in that place...

C) When a boy sings a song about a girl and a girl about a man, with their shiny white teeth and they're doing the best they can to brainwash the children.

V2) I'm blaming radio 1 and MTV for pumping out this non-stop rot.

I want to find the people who make these fake bands up and drag them out and get them shot.

Oh look another American clone, with perfect skin tone, and lovely long blond hair they sing the same old song, they just sing along and know one seems to care.
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