I remember when you told me you'd never give up
I took for granted all the times you gave me your love
Now it's over and you're saying you've had enough
I wanted to die when I heard you say goodbye
Now there's nothing I can do man I should've known better
I had to watch you walk away
I should've known better
To think that I would be okay
I should've known better
I'm half the man I was yesterday
All I can say is I should've known better
Should've never let you get away
I should've known better
There's so much pain that lives inside me that no one can see
A thousand reasons why you left me down on my knees
I was blind and you were angry
Now I'm coming clean
I told a lot of lies and I always made you cry
But there's nothing I can change yeah I should've known better
I won't let you walk away
Cause now I know better
Give your love to me today
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Should've Known Better Lyrics

Cinder Road – Should've Known Better Lyrics

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