1st verse:
The stars come out and fill the sky
Like the way you always catch my eye
I want you
In this there is no lie
Chemistry that is a fact
Come through me like a heart attack
Got me open with the way you act

Don't you know your love's amazin'
With your touch I'm going crazy
I will always be your baby
You with me intoxication
Passion hot burning and blazing
Forever you'll be my baby

And it's Twilight
We are one
In the twilight
We'll have fun
In the twilight
We are one
In the twilight

Verse 2
My heart beats fast
At a million miles
When you look my way
With that s*** smile
Attraction turned on high
It's just so wild
You make my reality
Feel just like a fantasy
We are one
In duality


Verse 3
So here is what my story tells
This angel saw you from heaven and fell
Now I am lost forever in your spell
We are one
In the twilight

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Twilight Lyrics

Cianna Saints – Twilight Lyrics

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