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Your Feets Too Big Lyrics

Chubby Checker – Your Feets Too Big Lyrics


God, y you let the devil produce kokain, it's seduced my friends brain's
I hope you can C, I kan not let this be
It's time 4 me 2 step up
I ask all 2 understand I'm bekum'in uh man
So it's time 4 me 2 rise & clear these Lies
Kokain, uh product of the devil
It seeps in my friends brain's, make's em' feel level
God, Alleviate Lucifer's hate & inaugurate my pear's clean slate
This Kokain' explains Y this pain remains
God, my Unique Soul's conflicted for my Dawg'z are addicted
Lord, 4 the life of me, I kan not C, Y you don't notice
The devil's got they life in that strife & there's no bliss
Well this man wont take-it
Show me that thing, I'll brake-it
Here me lord, no more, I don't give uh fuk
I'm fed up, please lord C that my friends are stuk
Jesus Christ, pick em' up
Fuk the lies & Madness
These are desperate cries from Sadness
Soon, 1 by 1 my friends turn to the gun, boom
Now you kan find this Souljer on the boulder stare'in 2 the moon
God I kan't understand why kain's on this land
I ask all 2 perceive my art
Kokain's uh produkt of the devils deceitful heart
At the start I didn't know yayo would rip life's apart
I would have stopped them then, b4 it dropped 4 men
Kokain, put out from Lucifer's lust
Listen, as I Bust these absurd words my cheek's glisten
Emotion's Hard 2 speak, tears fallin' down my cheek
Dear god, please lord, My spirit feel's week
These Here Tears aint madness I'm writen
Kokain aint no game 4 my friends, there soul's are fighten'
Y you depressed, when I ask that they blast bak
Please, holy spirit, no lies, these my cry's kan you hear it
2 those who left take uh deep breath bekuz you escaped death
Things turned bad bak here & Lord knows I aint she'd my last tear
I pray every night for the next day 2 B light
But for them, my dear friends, the kain's in they brain & it's dark
Left uh gaping hole in they intricate soul
I kant do no more, 2 many life's are tore
Last night I was kryin' & my tears reached the floor
My essence was dyin, flyin' out the door
I love my friends oh so Much
But they have my deepest trust so I must not speak
Just watch em' fall deeper each week
God, the stake's kokain creates bekum'z steeper each week
I want 2 ask them 2 stop the emotional violence
But it's un-fair, lord I swear my soul's been silenced
So I pray 4 you 2 help them get through what the kokain's about 2 do
When the clock strikes 11 and they soul's lifted 2 heaven
Judge them not as if they were addict's
Please c that was just they mind's habit
Understand - these boy's never became uh man
Please Lord watch over my friends
I now give my beloved krew up to you
Peace & love

~**Chubz Written**~
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