Ladies and gentlemen how do you do
Came here to talk about a thing so true
Got me hangin' around
Driven into the ground
Got me crying

Ladies and gentlemen how 'd you react
Tell me about it as a matter of fact
I was only the bait
In my lover's debate
I 've been dying

Had enough
And now I 'm leaving
Elvis has left the building
You had your chance
You had the honour
But baby you 're no Madonna

Ladies and gentlemen I 'm leaving tonight
Not gonna stay and suffer all of my life
If I made a mistake
Gotta go for my sake
And correct it

Ladies and gentlemen I 'm wishing you well
It 's time for me to stop living this hell
I have only one heart
Time for me to restart
And protect it
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No Madonna Lyrics

Christos Dantis – No Madonna Lyrics

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