Every night in my window
I see pictures of the day we met
I keep wishing on the falling stars
To forget you but it hasn't happened yet

And I still remember when you walked away
It was more than my heart could believe
Careless wind blew the smell of your perfume away
But the touch of you
It never leaves

So I'll never stop believing
Someday your love is coming back to me
No I'll never stop believing
Someday that you'll be coming back to me

Everybody in my life
They say forget that girl
She's gone for good
How can I explain this heart
It just keeps hanging on
Cause something says it should

Oh I go on remembering how good we were
The sweetest days I'll ever know
This careless boy
Somehow he let you get away
But the touch of you
He'll never let it go

Time and time again I see
Just how much she meant to me
Oh a love like that is meant to be
She's got to come back
She's got to come back
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Never Stop Believing Lyrics

Christopher Cross – Never Stop Believing Lyrics

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