It’s time to say goodbye
Don’t you ever say I never try
Tears falling from my eyes
Now I cry

I know our love is strong
But nature see it wrong
Now the wind blows you
Away from me

It’s now time to say goodbye
Oh my darling I don’t want to see cry
And I know our love will never die
I promise until the end of time

This isn’t the right time
To hold each others hand
But deep inside I feel
You’re my soulmate

I can't stand the pain inside
I don't want you out of my sight
But things have change
It has to end tonight

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

We’re destined for each other
For the love we shared is real
But this love was born
In a wrong time

There’ll be a time for us
And forever you’ll be mine
But as for now
One has to disappear

Repeat Chorus
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Goodbye Lyrics

Christopher Abayan – Goodbye Lyrics