Need a ride? Take you home inside a cab
Don't give shit out the Holes into your Neck!
Everybody knows (2x)
It's a Toxic Wasteland

Maybe she needs to go get her out the Cage!
She needs some rest or she wont retake!
Everybody Knows (2x)
It's a Toxic Wasteland

Everyone Throw out Plenty...
Then blame it on the Government --its
Everyones big Hobby
But they don't see what they command!

What's Wrong with our Life it's not in command?
Politics, Democracy way out of hand.
Everybody Knows (2x)
It's a toxic Wasteland!

Yes the Pres. Is not Blind anymore.
But someone started another fight!
Everybody Knows (2x)
It's a Toxic Wasteland!
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Toxic Wasteland Lyrics

Christie – Toxic Wasteland Lyrics