Whatever happened to human rights
in the land of free, in the land of might
at the end of the till an old man
is filling up a paper bag

'cause whatever age you're at
some societies still make you fight
no one there to support your sunset
age don't bring no more respect

how can you still believe
that you can save the world
you'd need humanity
show us some, now can you

in the land of free in the land of might
in the land of fear in the land of might

a black man hails a cab
new york city is getting hot
but not one will stop to pick him
as if his colour were a sin

and maybe i sound like
some 60s' folk singer's come back
singing human love is so na?ve
but have we learned a single thing
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Green Red And Fear Lyrics

Christel Vars – Green Red And Fear Lyrics