In condemnation we last
Losing our hearts in blood and fear
Still faithless is our journey
Without thoughts we last

Blood on my heart
Blood on my conscience
Condemned and far from the world
Condemned and far from faith

Shame deep frozen in your throats
Hatred burnt in your hearts
By a symbol which is on fire

The condemnation of loneliness
Of minds and bodies
And no delight will ever heal
The suffering and the wounds

Do not raise your hands in prayer
Do not call his feet's holy marks
In vain...
Do not bow... You damned dog

The condemnation that is in you
All your cries will not help
For created from nothingness to nothingness
Another ashes running through
The hour-glass of suffering

No light
Only the path

Celebrate union with god
- that is ridiculous...
Embrace in your suffering
- stand there mute
That is ridiculous
Cry until your sorrow
Burns all your condemnation

Suck the poison of reality
Rot thrown into a church
Do not speak... Do not look...
Remain unwritten 666...
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Devil's Invocation Lyrics

Christ Agony – Devil's Invocation Lyrics