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Raw Thoughts 3 Lyrics

Chris Webby – Raw Thoughts 3 Lyrics

You should've just not said shit bro
Why you gotta make me do this?

This Muppet baby must be fucking crazy
Yo, what's the hating about?
You're the last person on Earth that should have my name in their mouth
Yeah, publicity is cool, but I'm not aiming for clout
This for the love of the game that I'm gon' be taking you out
See the utter disrespect that you've been showing to the game
Should not be tolerated, I mean, really it's insane
First you shitting on a legend, now you bringing up my name
So, uh, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim that's real rap
So I'ma have this lil' clown wishin'
He never said shit to a dude who's about spittin'
This emo transgender is 'bout to be found missing, huh
You look like Chelsea Clinton with down syndrome
You're the kid at school that tested positive for lice
Hard to argue when I'm right
Fuck your comments and your Likes
You ain't rocking any mics, fucking awkward little dyke
Cut your fifteen minutes short with what I'm dropping on sight
You were talking like you were the fucking man, Diego
But when I tweeted "battle", you just ran, Diego
Goddamn, Diego thought you Cali cats were tough
But you just bury your fucking head in the sand, Diego
Damn, 'cause once you realized you fucked with a sick spitter
You tucked your tail quick, gave up and just quit Twitter
I was gonna let it go but you went and ran that lip again
You forced my hand, you should never do that shit again
'Cause listen, you are like a cancer
To the game as a whole, I'm the answer
I'll make this little crybaby wet his Pampers
I smell pussy, is that you Xandra?
And it's clear to everyone on Twitter this shit's bothering you
Your whole argument is your pop, and in that logic it's true
But you've been here for like what, eight or nine months?
I've been here for a decade, I'm like a father to you
I see you're having a moment, but a moment'll never last
But you're young, you don't get it but I promise it'll pass
You ain't built to withstand the test of time
You're a fad, I'm a real MC with real rhymes
And I know that deep down this shit is eating you at night
You can't beat me on a mic, couldn't beat me in a fight
And since I don't have scribble scrabble tatted on my face
It's pretty safe to say I'm also beating you at life
How you think your face is gonna look in twenty years?
Like shit, I just want to make that fucking clear
When the world has forgotten you and your rap career
What you gonna do then, you little half-a-queer?
Huh'cause we all wanna see this Sped lose
Xany listen, you're as likable as Ted Cruz
Cameraman turned rapper
I'm a rapper who's always been a rapper
Since you were sucking your mother's tit I've been killing rappers
What is you doing?
You look like a fucking Hot Topic store that evolved into a human
Abuse him, he's already playing the victim because he's weak
Only bars he got are in his prescription
Why the fuck would you select me as an enemy?
Your whole team should've warned you not to mention me
Killing people on the mic is like my specialty
What the fuck did you think, that I would let it be?
This lil' junkie's brain must be slowed down from drugs
With a bunch of yes-men all around him 'cause
I'll fucking end you
Xan's running out of luck
Every person on the web said your album sucks
You do one song with Diplo and think you're the shit, yo?
No one over fifteen thinks that you're sick, bro
We think you're killing rap and you're killing yourself
So seek help, 'cause those pills'll diminish your health
But shit man, if you don't wanna be alive I won't force you
Here, I'll even crush a couple percocets for you
Roll up the twenty and let you OD
This a war on drugs, one less Xan on the streets
Goddamn, let this be a lesson to the younger cats
Show respect, know your place, have some fucking class
Y'all can go and make your weird fucking mumble rap
But if you diss some legends, we won't tolerate your fucking trash
This a moment for the hip-hop heads
A reminder to the world that hip-hop's not dead
Yeah I'm putting on for the real rappers tonight
And pop a Lil' Xan like I'm try'na nap on a flight, Raw Thoughts

Sorry about that, Diego
Ya know, this is what I do
Know your fucking place
Bye now
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