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Lets Get Physical Lyrics

Chris Wade – Lets Get Physical Lyrics

Remember the other day on the couch
I been thinkin about the way you were spazzin out, mmmmm
What a scene, it kinda felt like a dream
Lights, camera, action Chris Wade and the Queen
Naw, It's too much
But livin in a city where everything screwed up
Is messin w me mentally makin ya dude nuts
Tellin myself, imagine if Brittany and you what
What what get physical
Put her on a beat & I bet you we get lyrical
Spiritual, creating a sound that's so liberal
Pivotal, we changing the game & that's killin em
I don't mean to come on strong but can't help it
I know we had a moment I'm hopin that you felt it
Well if so lemme know on the low and maybe we can get physical

You wanna get physical, physical, here we go
But you don’t hear me though, listen yo
I wanna get physical, physical, really though
& make a video, here we go, lets get physical
I got what you want, I'm everything that you need
You wanna get physical, then you should holla at me
& lets get physical, physical, nothing slow
But you don’t hear me though, here we go
Lets Get Physical

[Verse 2:]
Y does it feel like I'm on a treadmill
Head still spinnin, I'm wondering how the bed feel
Dead still, I need the energy to git up
I want to get physical but you got me doin sit-ups
It's like oooo the way that you do that make up
Make me wanna go howl at the moon like Jacob
Make a playa wanna hustle move my cake up
Even break up with my boo but with you I'll make up &
Hit these reps til I get respect
Every chic in this gym gonna twist they neck
See I was really tryna get you wet but instead you wanna make me sweat
So Just Brittany's next


[Verse 3:]
Now we’re gonna take it slow
We’re bout to speed it up and get physical
Bout to get physical, here we go

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