Everything's fine for today
All of my friends are o.k.
Don't confuse understanding for standing under
The bridge as the pillars give way

Nobody's alone
With or without a home
Everyone feels nothing is real
And something is burning in the field

If we're all afraid
Trouble may stay
When fear becomes worries
Happiness fades away...

We put a man on the moon
To see the earth in the sky
And the sky looked so black
And the earth looked so white

From the silvery light
That shines from the moon
Nothin' could go wrong
Such a gift to belong
In the Great big Sky
The great big sky

Don't let your troubles trouble you
Change is gonna happen anyway
And be a better place to view

If we're all so brave
Freedom will be safe
When fear becomes worries
Happiness fades away
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Great Big Sky Lyrics

Chris Seefried – Great Big Sky Lyrics