So I walk down this road
And I hear words spoken too cold
And I peel back the paper
And wires are left exposed

Well to be a man is not to destroy
Or break a heart like a little toy, no, it's so much more

Now you're fighting in the dark with who you are and who you aren't and you say –
It's always been this way

I thought these words meant more than this
You wore them like banners on your chest
Oh my soul
Just tell me why you had to lie, to everybody else

And I get to the end of this journey and I feel cold
And I've torn back the paper
To see what will really show

Well the force that guides your heart will lead you right back to the start

And you will find you've run out of time
And a spark can start a fire that ignites our false desires and you'll see...
It's all a waste
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More Than This Lyrics

Chris Ryan – More Than This Lyrics