Track 5 and a bit it's a little bit shit
It doesn't really matter cause it's over
Quickly it doesn't even matter cause
It's not even strictly a song and it doesn't last long
Track 5 and a bit
*Track 5 and a bit*
And you have to admit *have to admit* I
T gets stuck in your head cause it's extremely
Catchy the playing is poor the lyrics are patchy as shit
So we really should quit it's just a silly song upon a
Ukulele sing along if you're Australian or even Israeli we called up weird al and asked him to be on
He said he'd like to play on his accordion
Ladies and gentlemen mr. Weird al yankovic track 5 and
A bit you probably wanna skip it we had a little tape left
We thought we try it and hide it away cause no one would buy
It at all until we got a phone call track 5 and a bit it's gonna be a big hit we might do a version
With one direction (<3 mah babays) so dedicate a section of your collection to it even though it's still shit
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Track 5 Lyrics

Chris Moyles – Track 5 Lyrics