I can't believe I made you cry
I don't know why I did that
I didn't mean to do that
But you turned your head
And you closed your eyes
I'm so sorry that I made you cry

And I can't believe I made you laugh
I don't know how I did that
I wonder how I did that
You tried so hard just to hold it back
But I caught you when I made you laugh

You, my girl, are the whole world
The sun, the moon, the stars up in the sky
And I was just a little leaf upon the wind
I'm so happy that you found me
When I came floating by

And I can't believe we fell in love
I wonder how we did that
I'm so glad we did that
Because now I am your only one
But I still can't believe we fell in love
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Can't Believe Lyrics

Chris Mills – Can't Believe Lyrics

Songwriters: Christopher Rowland Mills
Can't Believe lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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