The harden trees cry borning leaves and there day
The great north wind blows green upon their bail

And the patch and the frost on the pen
Form like pictures that dodge through my brain
Again... And again

The wind in the meadows turn to wicks
The fogs reach. Is further for his knell

And my hand reach is out in the night
For the love which are gone with the light
Edge faded

As the cell often coats in a vice wraps the trees... For winter

The wind cuts this way... Like a knife... To the holes
In my close
And I wonder... What's become... All my life


The swallows gone away until next year
The crow sings the only some idea

And the snow man is staring at me
Fang the lord [?] his eyes cannot see
And he sleeps can never ask me
Why... I stand... Alone... In the winter... Of my life
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Winter Of My Life Lyrics

Chris Farlowe – Winter Of My Life Lyrics