Tell me, girl, you love me before I lose my mind
Said I was your only property divine
Why you did mistreat me? Said it's 'cause you loved me
And now you have involved me and I'm goin' for the fall

It's common knowledge, it's scrawled on the wall
Said you're feelin' shaky I believe you catch my drift
And now you're gonna be sneaky
'Cause I know you're gonna be sick, real sick

You gotta do the shuffle gotta run all over town
And now its you that's hurtin'
I always knew that you'd go down
You're goin' down everyone knows it

It's scrawled on the wall I know it's gonna kill you
You know its gonna ruin you but I know you're gonna do it
Just sit back and watch me get to it
So now you heed my warnin' before you go too deep

You'd better start to cut back or you'll suffer the all white sleep
All white sleep it's gonna get you
All white sleep it's gonna get you
Go down to that pay phone and you put in your pager number

Meet your man on the corner and you give him dollar 40
Take that stuff home you put it in a spoon
And put it in your vein you ain't bein' cool
You're just gonna die
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Scrawl Lyrics

Chris Duarte – Scrawl Lyrics

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