I'm four. I'm walking with my mum.
Going to the fair. To have a little fun.
She sees an old friend. They begin to talk.
So I wander off. To take a little walk.

I smile at the rides
And the games and the fun.
It's good to be alive
Just walkin' in the sun.
But I look all around -
My mother isn't there.
I realize that I am lost.

It's like I'm...
Upside down on
The inside of my spoon
Someone's trying to change
The notes of my favourite tune
When was it exactly
That I lost all my fight?
I guess I lost my way
Like the Moon in the Daylight

I'm ten. I've always gone to church.
I thought of myself. As “God's little girl”.
I look at my life. And the choices I've made.
I know I'm far from Him and who I really am.

My grandpa's gone.
I hope I don't forget his song.
A lot of good notes
(And a couple that were wrong).
I've learned to deal with loss
But I wonder at the cost.
I realize I am lost.

I'm a teen now, I've got it all.
People say I'm on the ball.
A-list friends, happy ends,
My ipod playlist never ends.
But no one sees I try to be
Something I can never be.
When all I want is one good friend
To stay with me until the end.

I look in my spoon
And see my world is upside down
I turn it around
And the world's as it should be.
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The Moon In Daylight Lyrics

Chris & Devon Aitken – The Moon In Daylight Lyrics

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