Old friend, so you're in trouble again, you ask me today,
To try and find a little time, and maybe buy a glass of wine,
Old friend, I'm coming through...

Old friend, yes I remember you, always a smile on your face,
Oh a memory from years before, an old man and a little boy,
Old friend, I remember you...

You used to take me fishing down by the wishing well,
One day you threw a wish in, and we listened while it fell,
And you made a wish...

"When the years are heavy, and my heart is growing cold,
Well I wish when the evening comes that there'll always Be...
Some old friend who'll miss me too... "

Well I do, so friend I'm coming through...
Yes, for you I'll always find the time, we will have a bottle
Of wine, old friend, I'm here by your side, oh, to the very end,
Old friend... I miss you too... My dear old friend...
Old friend... Old friend...
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Old Friend Lyrics

Chris De Burgh – Old Friend Lyrics

Songwriters: CHRIS DE BURGH

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