Close your eyes
Tell me what you see
Is it you alone standing
Awaiting patiently

You know I love to guess what you're thinking
It's fun, don't you agree?
To try to play a psychic
To such a mystery

When I close my eyes
I fly above the trees
So I can watch the sun
Crash into the sea
Running through the clouds
Breathing in the breeze
Oh, how it soothes

If you only knew
What you do to me
Or feel what I can do
Or see what I can see
I feel I'm next to you
When I fall asleep
When I think of you

Don't try to use a knife
To get inside my head
Cause if you truly loved me
You'd care if I was dead

You know I love to joke
If I didn't
I would not be me
But if you were a book
Who know what I could read

Cause when I close my eyes
I can feel your lips
Kiss the perfect parts
Like velvet fingertips
Relaxing on the sand
The wine we have to sip
Is so very sweet


Instruments used in this video:
Classical guitar
A guiro
A set of car keys
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Velvet Fingertips Lyrics

Chris Cendana – Velvet Fingertips Lyrics