Oh yeah my souls got out, But you never knew
The pain that Shredded me like a fire out of grave,
Crave for my freedom and that caught my wisdom.

My thoughts roared out, called for me, but I was not there,
I was there for you, for taking your soul back to my hood,
Place me in your hand, master
My heart broke like a knocked down jolt fafe
And my fate was electrified.

My soul was stratified,
But you never down gratified,
Shit face, my thoughts were out for nothing,
Things got out, it was creeping in my soul
Like a fire bird and that's where it all

Things got rough, I jolted down panting for breadth.
But never ever thought of my head,
I was never caught by some freak,
Hecking out for nothing,
What the hell my friend, you never thought that,
I was there,
I was standing there with a pen to hit you, things
Got harsh, I never stood up, never got down to
Chamber of dungeons,
My first Song was shrieked
But this time, I am not going to freak out
Like an Idiot, running out of nowhere.

Things all ended like this, tears running down
My cheeks, freaks, pain started all ground, got me,
Hit me, oh yeah, got it, shit head, my friend.

Things got harsh, but I never thought, but it all started,
And ended like this, got it, hit it my friend,
I was shrieked out like a freak, running down the streets
Of north hamton,
Hanging out for lewis the clinton,
Head it for my friend got it, make it for my self.
Hell it my souls, so heck it, make it, break it,
Oh yeah, shit for you, my babe,
You never got it.
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Shredding Souls Lyrics

Chris Benneto – Shredding Souls Lyrics

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