There’s an amber glow in the western sky
The sun’s sinking slow and so am I
Wish I could fade like that and just disappear
Bet I been here a thousand times
Searching for more from this old life
Than working, sleeping, and making a name down here

I wanna taste the salty ocean air
And drive away like I don’t have a care


So let me off this crazy spinning wheel
This aint how life’s supposed to feel
It’s like a lock without a key
This good life ain’t no good if you’re not free
And if this is living out our dream
Then we need to wake up from this fantasy
Is this the part where I start to live
And I don’t know what it is
But something’s gotta give

[Verse 2]
I love my girl and my family
And I’m as proud as I can be
That I’m the one they count on
Let me make that clear
But it seems like we’ve bought into this lie
You gotta have a rich and famous life
The cars, the homes, the bright light atmosphere

It don’t make for a satisfied mind
So baby, let’s do some living while there’s still time

Repeat Chorus:


So let’s stop living somebody else’s dream
And start being who we’re meant to be….

Repeat Chorus:
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Something's Gotta Give Lyrics

Chris Adams – Something's Gotta Give Lyrics

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