I know ya'll probably didn't expect for me to come like this grab tha mic catch tha trach and start to run like this there wasn't to many boys local that was droppin like this but now I gotcha heads bobbin and ya jockin my shit so now you freeze up thankin that choppa was bout to ease up please bruh where you get caught is where I leave ya turn my shit up loud so everybody can hear me and these playa hatin bitch niggas a probably wanna kill me now this some real shit I get off into some I'll shit make a mil quick steven segal hard to kill shit now chill bitch I told you this some I'll shit and you might just get killed quick now feel this hi my name is choppa I introduce myself and if ya mad from what I'm sayin that means tha truth was felt I prove my belt how many murdas my block is long you don't need to know our numbers 'cause our stocks is strong

[chorus 2x]
I got my snicker imma be here nigga stuck wit me niggas know I'm numba one they can fuck wit me now it's next to hit tha world nothin else for me platinum plaques in tha stack on tha shelf for me

[Verse 2:]:
Now these bustas been puttin trash out it's time for choppa to flip tha mask and jag go brag and take his ass out rookie cookie ass niggas is bout to be crumb fuckin round wit choppa what tha fuck you niggas is dumb I told you niggas now I bout to show you niggas blow you niggas get tha gar and roll you niggas I'm from tha wild westbiggady where thangs get off tha higgady and I got tha game from my dog Ralf Biggady you niggas that aint bout it and that's why you still there I fuck wit cats that pop caps and put you in a wheel chair and I'm walkin tha streets ya fake suckas a try I'm from marrero so I'm packin that iron

[chorus: repeat 2x]

Puppy stuttin and front dog ya bucked up growlin at a pedigree pro get fucked up cool out lil slick so you niggas done lucked up I still walk tha streets witcha till all my shoes scuffed up now them hoes scream choppa like when niggas seen choppa that red beam gotcha we tha dream team patna yo trow to my trow yo note to my note no matta what you do 'cause I'm still gone showboat now how many times I gotta tell ya'll niggas if I keep talkin then they gone smell ya'll niggas I know you niggas heard about them boys from tha dirty south fuck tha rumors fuck tha fake nigga this tha word of mouf hold up stop wont ya wait a minute and just let lil Choppa put some flava in it now if ya stay a minute we can play my [?] if you niggas stole my image you couldn't hold my image

[chorus: repeat 2x]
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I'mma Be Here Lyrics

Choppa – I'mma Be Here Lyrics