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Turd Farmer Lyrics

Choke – Turd Farmer Lyrics

My girl sits so close
I squeal my tires just for show
And cruise the strip until the red rooster is closed
Get some offsales to go fuck shit up
Hey, don't you even try to look at me
Hey goof, what did you just say
Hop in my truck
Find someone to fuck up
Punks, fags, geeks, wimps, traveling frak show in a motorhome
A pacifist you say
Maybe i'dunderstand you if I'd made it through grade 8
Hey goof what did you just say
Your days are spent thinking of ways
To create confrontations with someone
Trying to understand just can't comprehend
Your turd mentality
In time you may free yourself
Put your dickmode in a bucket
And run over it with your truck
You don't need to prove yourself to me
I know better
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