My heart is beating out of my chest
My hands are shaking and I'm short of breath
I wish my eyes had never seen that photograph of you.

I'm feeling dirty, as my clothes
I'm hiding something, no one knows
I'm reaping what I sow and so are you.

Well "all's fair in love," but that ain't true.
There's nothing fair about what you do
I'm waiting here for you. You don't know what you've put me through.

I thought if love could find a way
To get you here to me
I'd have the words to make you stay.

Now I'm only trying to make it through the day.

Let the rain come down, let it soak my head
Shame on me if I've been misled
I never had a choice, I had to put my trust in you.

Oh, you loved me sweet, babe, you loved me good
You did all the things that a lover should
But we never got to do that list of things we wanted to.

There's no other place, there's no other time
It took me years to find you and to make you mine
But just like that old man, I guess "I threw it all away."

Oh, look at this. Is it really you?
You might think that I would know,
After all that we've been through.

I guess I've got a lot of learning left to do.

I've been feeling bad, babe, I've been feeling down
I've never been so tired of getting kicked around
If I could be your king, it wouldn't matter much that I'm everybody's fool

I can live alone, I've been alone before
But if I let this love walk out the door
I'll finally turn my back on everything I've ever trusted to be true.

I'm so sick of thinking, I can't think no more
You can think for years and never know for sure
So I think it's time to eat my pride and put some faith in you.

Oh, baby, please, we've gotta see this through
This weary heart of mine
Has so much loving left to do

But I don't think I can make it without you.
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My Baby Give Me Heartache Lyrics

Chip Godwin – My Baby Give Me Heartache Lyrics