Since I was a young boy, I saw metal bands in big halls
They came down to play in town, I went to see their shows
Metal Heroes on stage, they've come to bring us rock
Well, it's more than a religion and since then it's our law

Metal put as all together, now we are so strong
Now showing the whole world, we're friends forever, on and on
So it's not important where you live or where you're from
We will stand together till we are all gone

Heavy metal that's our law
Gives us power for the future
For us it's the only real
Way to live and die
Heavy metal that's our law
And I swear for ever long
It's in our veins and hearts
And we'll never be lost

So my biggest dream came true, I only wanna rock
Up on every stage to play, from Berlin to L. A.
So quickly I realized, without fans we can't exist
'Cause they will stand by our side in good times or in bad

Thanx from all the metal bands, all over the whole world
Without you and your power, we are nothing here on stage
'Cause fans are our air to breathe, the motor for our work
To see the yelling pack of hounds, that's the only thing we need
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Heavy Metal Lyrics

Chinchilla – Heavy Metal Lyrics