At Seventeen I used to lie in Bed
Wasting time working things out in my head
Had enough of the life i'd seen
Left my Home when I was Seventeen

At Eighteen I was living in a Dream
Getting on in the Music Scene
No one could stop me I knew which way to go
But where was I going well I didn't really know

Life's a bitch if you know what I mean
Leaving Home when you're Seventeen
Life on the Dole ain't no Rock n Roll
Packed my Bags and I was down the Road

At Nineteen it was no longer a Dream
My Dream became reality
Seeing the World
And Places i'd never seen
Rock n Roll life is the Life for me

My Life was a bitch if you know what I mean
Said goodbye to my Folks at Seventeen
Life on the Dole was no Rock n Roll
Had to get away from the Hell hole..
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Seventeen Lyrics

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