Caught you staring off into space again my love
What's going through your head these days?
Never thought I'd see you like this again my love
But something's got you in a daze

In this whole wide world surely we can have some fun
Let's bike down to the ocean and blow bubbles in the sun
In this whole wide world surely between you and me
We can find a way to build a house in that willow tree
And be happy

Has this broken world got you down again my love
And put you in a tail-spin?
I would fix all the broken bits for you my love
If I only knew where to begin

In this whole long life surely I can find the time
To tell you you are lovely and I'm glad that you are mine
In this whole short life surely I can find a way
To say "you make me happy and I love you" everyday
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Weeping Willow Lyrics

Children Of The Cpu – Weeping Willow Lyrics

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