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Asian Girls Everywhere Lyrics

Childish Gambino – Asian Girls Everywhere Lyrics

I'm on my Polynesian everyday
Asian girls everywhere, ucla
You see me paid? You see me paid?
Asian girls everywhere, ucla

I'm on my ayy, call it
I pop these haters, taking shots like they were alcoholic
Why is he rapping, somebody jack this fool's steeze
And my faggots spell it right, I got way more than two G's
I'm amazing, I'm a phenom
I'm assassin, I'mma kill y'all
Mamma say mamma saw mamaco saw
S***s roll down cause I run too hard
Cumming on her face, have I gone too far?
I don't know, kid, I don't love that broad
Sonny got his way, nigga's always act hard
And my racks are in a black card with a black car
They wanna knock me out
They try a nigga
Realest motherfucker in the game, like Tron nigga
Forget these white girls
I need some variation
Especially if she very Asian
You want a dog in your... Go so low
Can I go home with you? No hobo
... Yes I got it, all me
She's an overachiever cause all she do is succeed

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