I'm on my Polynesian everyday
Asian girls everywhere, ucla
You see me paid? You see me paid?
Asian girls everywhere, ucla

I'm on my ayy, call it
I pop these haters, taking shots like they were alcoholic
Why is he rapping, somebody jack this fool's steeze
And my faggots spell it right, I got way more than two G's
I'm amazing, I'm a phenom
I'm assassin, I'mma kill y'all
Mamma say mamma saw mamaco saw
S***s roll down cause I run too hard
Cumming on her face, have I gone too far?
I don't know, kid, I don't love that broad
Sonny got his way, nigga's always act hard
And my racks are in a black card with a black car
They wanna knock me out
They try a nigga
Realest motherfucker in the game, like Tron nigga
Forget these white girls
I need some variation
Especially if she very Asian
You want a dog in your... Go so low
Can I go home with you? No hobo
... Yes I got it, all me
She's an overachiever cause all she do is succeed

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Asian Girls Everywhere Lyrics

Childish Gambino – Asian Girls Everywhere Lyrics