O'block, bish that's my block,
I get @#$?, ha ha ha,
I smoke la, la, la,
Getting ha, ha, ha,
Ain't no drive bys,
Clips go bye, bye bye,
She want to suck my! *,
Like a bah, bah, bah,
I get lots of guap,
I make money fly, fly, fly,
Ride by like ha, ha, ha,
My ow, ow, ow (Audi),
They hurt like ow, ow, ow,
They smoking mow, mow, mow,
Got a cheque for ha, ha, ha,
Cashed it like, ha, ha, ha,
I laugh like ha, ha, ha,
This! Like my rah, rah, rah (ride)
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Laughin' To The Bank Lyrics

Chief Keef – Laughin' To The Bank Lyrics

Songwriters: Brandon Sum, Keith Cozart
Laughin' To The Bank lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., GREAT SOUTH BAY MUSIC GROUP INC

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