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Hard Lyrics

Chief Keef – Hard Lyrics

She don't accept me, but she speak to my watch
She won't regret me, but she let me fuck
She won't look at me, but she see I go hard
I had to put my beamer in park
I pull up on the house and she want it hard
She hop up on me and then she ride it hard
Then I go outside and keep grindin' hard

[Verse 1]
It ain't my boys then, I don't give no fuck
It is then, I don't give a fuck
Money ain't that much, I'll give it up
Pull up, give 500 to a clock
Life ain't that much, I'll live it up
I'll just get a blunt, I'll fill it up
Hop up in my beamer, we'll fill it up
Everybody eat, I'll bill it up
Baby I'll keep my mouth closed, I'll seal it up
I won't lie to you, I'm real as fuck


[Verse 2]
I'm all about my Fendi, so [?]
And fuck if she let me, then I been by her
I spend by her, I went by her
I fucked on her, I flexed on her
I love Beamer's and Bentley's
Remember dreamin' of them
Now I can hop in any
And be speeding in them
She knows my boys always with me
[And I'm bleeding with them](4576275)

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