Close that door
Aye Aye

Close that door (x12)
What the fuck you want, I need to close that door

That fuck nigga ain't just close that door, blow his throat
That fuck nigga ain't know his role
Blow his nose
That fuck nigga steady acting slow
I'ma blow his brain
Cops grab me, I be acting slow
"I don't know his name!"
Aye, close that door
The feds watching me, they ain't got nothing to do
I got ran up upon, the cops came in like "You!"
You the one that's selling the blows, that 62
I got a 17 5 pack, I charge it 62
I got hoes for sale, for top it's 52
Gave that bitch 200 dollars, took the fin and threw it
She sucking dick, you ho lil bags, you silly you
Now close that door behind yourself you lil fucking dummy
Close that door behind yourself, you ain't getting no fucking money
Close that door girl, don't you see I'm counting this fucking money
And the feds watching, and I'm still fucking stunting

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Close That Door Lyrics

Chief Keef – Close That Door Lyrics