Tonight, it’s just another Friday
Ask me where I’m going but I won’t say
Imma be on my way, and be on my way
They say we shouldn’t party
But I say let’s do it all day
Imma be on my way, and be on my way
On my way tonight

Let’s get it popping, tell the peoples we’ll be on our way
And light it up for all the souls that had gone astray
I got your shorty and you probably don’t know
Just give me a minute, we’ll be creeping on the low
And I’m even with the flow, I’ll be beasting at the show
There’s not a number for the amount of speakers that will blow
Somehow I serve them like this music should be on a tray
And don’t you know today is not an ordinary day
It’s Friday so you know what time that is
And all she wanna do is blow a lot of Backwoods
And I don’t stress, if she’s right she will come
I be on my grown man but the night is still young like


Hit me on the cell, I’ll be on my way
Leave them for the night, I’ll be gone all day
We gon’ live it up, but I’ll ride with you anyway
I be my way, on my way tonight

[Verse 2:]
Here we go, here we go, light it up, let’s hit the dro
Soundtrack to my life so turn it up and bump your stereo
And we steady making it swell
Shorty was pretty like Kelly in Saved By The Bell
Kapowski, we out-ski, so tell me what it look like
I got a feeling that tonight’s gon’ be a good night
Yeah, shit, we don’t care about the media
Take her out and she gon’ get her own Wikipedia
Then fly out courtesy of Expedia
Like Rihanna she hard but with me, she’s easier
We in the fast lane, welcome to the highway
And god damn, I love Friday



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Friday Lyrics

Chiddy Bang – Friday Lyrics