He came from Detroit trying win us a crown
Unlike Proberty was not in the town
And all the cola C-O-L-A Cola

He walked up to Dale with a shoulder in mess
He said: I ll work hard and by december I will dress
My name is Hossa
It shows as to say Hossa

He skates real strong and pretty physical guy
He moves the puck and pulls it between the pipes

Ya he is Hossa

Well the Hawks have the serious most passion fans
We know we have good boys now we got the man
We have hossa

I ll watch him today
I want him to score
Its him we adore

He kills all the penalties
Then he makes the move and scores with ease

That's the way that I want him to play
I always want him with Kane and Toews

He s my Hossa

Hawks become Wings and Wings become Hawks
Its a mixed-up, mongreled-up, shot-gun the world
Except for Hossa

Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Hossa (8x)

Made by zajino
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Marian Hossa Lyrics

Chicago Blackhawks – Marian Hossa Lyrics

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