F/ Dove (De La Soul), Dres, Phife, Fashion (Beatnuts)


Yo! One for your mother, two for your pops

Three's for the niggas that's trying to kill the cops

So whether the Black Sheep are here, with the corner for the car

D-are-E-S so yes I guess it back and watch the Dres get raw

In transition, a pubic hair I can't stand

I tell your momma " I love you" if you thought my style was missing

My Snoopy, Droopy, Casper, a punky

You're rolling with Dres, the Black Sheep, that says my brother's freaking


I know you want to test me, but but but please don't try to sub me

Cause when but forever you get to snuff me

Beretta to your head and yo you'd better be on your jet ski

I could never be The Ruler but like Rick I say I'm slick

You're just a backwards kid, excuse my med to say you're thick

So now you got beef and broccoli or is it cockolli?

But we got time, we keep 18, or your two nines

So let the horns blow cause you know that you're just a barking dog

Bluff all along, prince now a frog

Don't play post, because we both know your colors


I be the drama so watch the Wonderama

Catch a dips hips sweeter when I call her " mamacita"

Not a lover, a fighter, no need to loving these see

Didn't like the Brady Bunch, for many years I had a hunch

Living like the Givens, big thanks for big banks

I'm sticking like a dish swordfish when I shanks

Maximum is maximized, minimum is none

You want to shoot the breeze, please, pass the peas my pig is done

Not the vigilant, or walk with a slant

Want to hit the " Yes I Can Can" and never say I can't

I wear the Neil Diamonds and fucks what Simon says

Had to freaks the fat so I cuts some from my dread

But back, again they come, just a little sooner to

Become one nation under the groove

Oh I feel the Clinton, soothing me like Lipton

Tea, and it's definitely under the groove

I'm feeling kind of hot but like my man Rowdy Piper

Raining with the raps so hit the window wiper

Tired of y'all brothers going from a cipher

Don't baby sip the bottle or I hit you with the diaper

Never toke or smoke, I don't even own a lighter

If it's any pipe I'm lighting, it's the pipe that goes inside of her

Check the??? Boy as I ride or break time from the rhyme

Cause I'm back and out of sight of


Snort up a kilo, better s** than Rio

Fashion, Ju, and Les, I make a third of the trio

Fiddly fi, fiddly fy, fiddly for, fiddly fum

I smell props, hit 'em hard, and then I c**

Love to eat a skin, but first I inspect it

Not a crim-I'm-I'm-inal, got a record, go and check it

Or you can get ate up, pass me a plate of

A little seafood, I find a phone and ring a date up

So never start a track without Beatnuts on the list

Brothers buck shots from point blank and still miss

Middly miss, middly miss, why would I ever diss?

Fiddle or fight or peace and for for it fists

Ayo Huggy Bear, do your manager, do your damage

I'll let you tell the story but first get you a bandage

Cause you can go for miles and miles and miles and

Talk more tracks than the dog doo doo piles and

Kennel, I say when'll, or when he stop

Let me see your girl and better believe those drawers will drop

It's getting freaky, a Beatnut thing that is

Let the horns blow because that's what time it is


Yo! Doggy doggy jivin', guess who's next?

The 5 foot assassin with the microphone check

I'm all that and more cause there never was comp

Play Mr. Bad and you shall get stomped

I had a head full of hair, but I kept all my rhymes

A brother from Queens and yo I always gets mines

No shorts are being taken, no not this year

The Phife Dawg is here so you'd better beware

Concieted? I guess it's something like that

Cause God don't make no jokes so I know I ain't wack

So relax and chill, sit your booty still

Or just take loss like the Buffalo Bills

But when I'm called the Phifer, how many times have you heard that?

Suckers walk around talking bout they can burn that

Soft mc, he can't be talking to me

Cause I'm far from a wuss and I never was a puss

I grab the mic, mc's start to get petrol

Cause there's no mc like Phife, like those who fight progresso

Open your back, not give you no slack, see what I'm saying son?

There more to this here than being short, dark, and handsome

Messing with my lady, you know that's a no-no

Why? Because you can't mess with my Yo-Yo

You know that I'm the one, you know that I'm the boss

I'm in there (Like the Dove?) No, like Franco? Source?


Well it's me Chi-Ali and I'm the last to spark, yo

Everywhere I go I get stalked by narc

And tnt just can't understand

You see a brother with gear, a beeper, and in his pocket a grand

But enough of that, let me break it down

We are all black brothers on a quest, yes we do have soul

Some of us are hoein', some are on the positive road

Me, I'm hoein', on the mic I'm flowing

With the tongue and we are positively growing

Now when I'm in a battle, I just be having fun

But competition be so scared that they be whitling come

Now ou heard me flow to a nice tempo so, let the horns blow
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Let The Horns Blow Lyrics

Chi-Ali – Let The Horns Blow Lyrics