[Hook: Chevy Woods]
We came in this bitch to have some fun
But you don’t want no problems
[?] to the vip what’s up with all them models
And tell the owner hey
Tonight we own the club, tonight we own the club
Tonight we own the club, tonight we own the club

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
I pull up to the valet, toss my keys I’m so turnt
School you on that fly shit, fuckboy do your homework
Champ shit, I’m fly as hell
The real champ not [?]
But she talking bout [?]
Uh, you playing on a budget while we spending 100s
All these gang members, in a hundred buckets
It’s a hand in your back my nigga you a puppet
But it’s all in your face I know they hate you love it
I get brain four times and call it four head
Call her for more schooling, and that’s more head
Then we hit the spot, my niggas turning up
We on that top floor vip and that’s what’s up


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Shoulda never gave a trippy nigga money
You cashed out on a Benz pussy nigga they ain’t stunting
Ferrari show models, I just hit a button
Stuff the trunk with hoes, all I know is hundreds
North Memphis rich nigga I’ve been fucking with the bunny
All I do is smoke weed model bitches know [?]
Who the fuck you think you is a Juicy J baby
And I had a Mercedes that was back in the 80s
Now I ride in something crazy
Put your lady and the keys with [?] you can’t believe
Ball just like I’m Kobe, or Ginobili, Reggie Miller
This ain’t [?] this that service get some drugs for the whole club

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Own The Club Lyrics

Chevy Woods – Own The Club Lyrics