Take your worries gather them together
Blow them in a big balloon
Watch them floating tie them on a string
We're going out so leave them in your room

Over the rainbow is a soul struttin
Hip bumpin star studded dancin saloon
Off of the freeway
Now sunset grip yourself
I've got to lose those boogaloos

There's enough room for everybody
Squeeze your way through
It's just like a party
We're gonna hang loose
We're just in time cause
All I wanna do is dance
All I wanna do is dance

Over the rainbow is a gold diggin hangout
For space cadets on coffee break time
On with the show
Now you gotta let go
When you're troubled with those riddles and rhymes

Just put on your face
Cause it's still early
Stop all the nonsense and shuffle to the hoedown
All I wanna do
All I wanna do is dance
Dance all I wanna do is dance
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Dance Lyrics

Cheryl Dilcher – Dance Lyrics