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Little Things Lyrics

Cherry Suede – Little Things Lyrics

Words can be deceiving, when you're dealing with a feeling
Takes time to stars to start seeing more
You dig to find a meaning, something to believe in
That sign that you've been waiting for

If you never take a moment's time
To look at things with open eyes
You might miss what makes life worthwhile
They can make you laugh or make you cry
Without you even knowing why
So don't let them all pass you by

Cause it's the little things
That help you believe in
Something you just can't see
Oh all those little things
That say just enough
When words seem a bit too tough
Oh little things say so much

When you give without a reason
And don't think about receiving
That's when they start squeezing through

It's a whisper in the morning
Or a kiss without a warning
A sign of two hearts in tune

You can't see what you can't recognize
Unless you read between the lines
So keep your eyes open wide
They're said without a single word
And listened to but never heard
So don't worry when lines get blurred


There'll be times in your life when you'll find
There are things that you wish you had said
But sometimes a look can say more
Than the words running 'round in your head

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