Blaze in the night our miracle
Claims of the Blood Unbearable
With Twilight Frozen in a Jewel
Wide Awake as the Bullwhip Crack of Noon
Roseanne x 3 My heart is on Fire
The green moon in your hair
Bright showers of longing in our eyes
Lifting now above the town we rise
Pearls of Mercury fall from your eyes
Long and Sly and Languid the Panther turns
Love sinks into a bathtub full of worms
The Red Room, Stale air, Bright Showers of Trouble in our eyes...
Holding you soft as a rotting Peach
I know beneath your floor boards is a beach
Waterfall so jungle fresh
I crawl under walls of your confusing flesh
The green moon in your hair,
Bright showers of trouble in our eyes
Longing in our eyes
Longing x 3
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Roseanne Lyrics

Cherry Poppin Daddies – Roseanne Lyrics