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Showdown Lyrics

Cheri Dennis – Showdown Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I ain't feelin' how girls sometimes be talkin' about,
What they don't do, it's crazy
Cause I got needs just like a fella and you know it's true,
So come and give it to me baby
I need to have his touch and feel his hand rubs my hair,
Rocks my body all night
See I want it like you want it baby boy let's take it there,
I ain't never scared, it's alright

[Bridge 1]
I wanna rock you boy,
I certified to climb on top it and ride it I'm bout to put this thing on you
I got you boy
Tonight relax yourself,
I'll be your fantasy, I'm bout to make your dreams come true

I wanna be your freak baby
Gotta keep it street baby
Boy you know you need it in your life
Welcome to the Showdown (showdown)
It's bout to go down (go down)
Give it to you anyway you like
Lemme be your freak (I wanna be)
In between the sheets baby
Boy you know you need it in your life
Welcome to the Showdown
I can move it fast
Or make it slow down
Give it to you anyway you like

[Verse 2]
I wanna lay you down and take off
All of your clothes
Come let me undress you baby
Caress my body and kiss me from
Head to toe
Then whisper "You're so sexy, baby"
Don't be afraid to touch me wherever you like
Let your fingers do the talking baby
See your lips go from my neck down to the small of my spine
You bout to drive me all crazy!

[Bridge 2]
Now come get it boy,
Been waiting for too long for you to do that thing that I want you to do to me
You know I'm with it boy
You ain't gotta turn out all the lights cause I got something I need you to see


You just need to put it on me
What you wanna do
What I got is good and I will
Give it all to you
And I know what you got is
Too good to be true
So let me be your freak baby

You and me in every room I swear
That I don't play
Gotta give it to me and I
Need it right away
Ain't no need for talking ain't
Nothin' left to say
I wanna be your freak baby

Freak, ah oh

[Chorus: until end]
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